As a sales representative/ wholesaler / manufacturer

We'd like to be a "bridge" between customers, buyers and manufacturers, so that we sometimes change our style such as below,

MANUFACTURER: by using ingredients from our manufacturer, then producing "something new".

WHOLESALER: by gathering products from small sized companies which start their 1st step for an export, we provide  a small amount and large variety deal for importers.

SALES REPRESENTATIVE: by supporting medium sized companies with our trilingual service, exposition service and etc., we support their direct export toward foreign countries.

soy sauce lees powder KONA-MURASAKI

A powder made of soy sauce lees which contains lots of taste and flavor without any additive, besides it can last for 18 months long.


Because of the method, freeze & spray dried soy sauce powder has to be added some  additive in order to gain a soy sauce flavor. And since they're very sensitive to humidity, they can be easily sticky.

However, our KONA-MURASAKI made by our patent pending method, doesn't contain any additional ingredients which spoil its original flavor, besides hard to lump.


KIDI SOY SAUCE BREWERY is known as NIDAN-JIKOMI (2 step fermentation). After mixinig soy beans and wheat, KOJI, we add usually salt water on it, but KIDI adds pure soy sauce instead in order to increase umami. When fermentation begins, sugar content of wheat is used for alcoholic fermentation so that soy sauce becomes salty a year later. However, KIDI adds rice malt so that soy sauce keeps the wheat sweetness. It means "soy sauce not so salty".

The soy sauce lees of NIDAN-JIKOMI has the same character, this is the reason why we're able to develop the product.      


How to use?

We think there're many possibilities and value with our KONA-MURASAKI for those who are related the food business including consumers.

You can use it as a secret ingredient which gives the flavor without adding any moisture, such as fried potatoes.

You can mix it with other seasonig, such as mayonnaise/ butter/ cheese. The amino acide goes really well with milk fat so that you put it on your ice cream or tiramisu as well. With wasabi, you don't need turn your sushi over , besides dread any soy sauce stain any more.

You can also use it just as it is. If you cover your row oyster with KONA-MURASAKI, the powder absorbes moisture from the oyster, then gives its flavor inside. Sounds like Japanese traditional cuisine technique "KOBU-JIME" (curing with kombu kelp), but thanks of osmotic pressure, it doesn't take a time.


We've just started to export our products to foreign countries, so if you have any interest on the products, please send a message to us.

We're available in 3 languages, Japanese/ English/ French.

Professional-use is also available on your demand, such as 500g/ 1kg and more. Ask us please. Bottled KIDI soy sauce too.


Roasting flavor after sprinkling, FRENCH FRIES

Portion for 2 people

 2 potatoes(300g), oil for flying, 1tsp of KONA-MURASAKI, 2 pinch of sugar

How to make

 1. Cut potatoes thin, then put them in water for a while.

 2. Remove their wetness with kitchen towel.

 3 Deep-fly them in oil for flying.

 4. Sprinkling mixed KONA-MURASAKI & sugar.

The point: Roasted KONA-MURASAKI becomes aromatic by remaining heat of French fries! 

Could be addictive, with mayonnaise on toast

Portion for 1 person

 a slice of white bread, 2 tbsp of mayonnaise, a half tsp of KONA-MURASAKI, 2 pinch of sugar

How to make

 1. Mix mayonnaise, KONA-MURASAKI & sugar.

 2. Spread it on whte bread.

 3. Make toast in a toaster.

The point: It becomes mellow by adding some sugar. It goes well with butter or cheese as well.

Why not? Ice cream with KONA-MURASAKI

Portion for 1 person

 Ice cream & KONA-MURASAKI (up to you) 

How to make

 1. Put KONA-MURASAKI on your ice cream.

 2. Have a fun and surprise!

The point: Milk fat goes really well with amino acid! KONA-MURASAKI is a lump of amino acid, so that this may be one of the best combination I can imagine. You may not feel soy sauce flavor, you just feel UMAMI from mixed milk fat & amino acid. Suspicious? You gotta try it!   

Bringing out the flavor & texture of oyster,  Oyster KONA-MURASAKI JIME

Portion for 1 person

 raw oyster, 1 tbsp of KONA-MURASAKI

How to make

 1. Put KONA-MURASAKI on your raw oyster instead of lemon.

 2. Have a fun.

The point: If you love raw oyster, you usually use lemon with. I love it too for sure.

However, you may sometimes try the way above. The powder absorbs the moisture of raw oyster, then gives UMAMI instead. It seems KOBU-JIME (Japanese ancient cuisine method; fish sandwiched between sheets of kelp, but it happens immediately thanks of osmotic pressure compare to KOBU-JIME which takes a night.  

Sorry about...

We've just started selling this product, so that not ready to sell it overseas yet.

If you're interested in our soy sauce lees powder KONA-MURASAKI, please contact me from "CONTACT" icon bellow.

If you're a distributer, we can give you a quotation of FOB, CFR or CIF KOBE port or KANSAI international airport. Thank you. 

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